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Pick Your Own Pecans

There are approximately 370 mature pecan trees that border each side of our U-pick orchards.  Not only do they produce delicious pecans in the Fall but provide much needed shade in the summer for our U-Pick customers.


We have 4 basic varieties of pecans; Desirable, Choctaw, Pawnee and native.  We usually begin harvesting them in October, but each year has been different depending on the rain, wind and many other conditions during the year that affect our harvest.


As pecan season approaches, we post on Facebook what to expect at the Farmer’s Markets and what will be sold locally.  Pecan trees typically have good crops every other year.  Tom and Michael make some soil amendments and fertilizer amendments accordingly, and as God provides rain, we have  good harvests.

Pick Your Own Pecan FAQs

When are Pecans ready? Pecans normally drop November, December and sometimes into January.

When are announcements posted? We are normally able to provide pecan crop updates in October.

Do you take reservations? Yes! Make reservations by calling our main number at 903-474-7629, after we have posted the announcement on Facebook.

What equipment is provided? We provide pickup tools and buckets.

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