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Beef & Pork

BELTED GALLOWAY (the Oreo cookie cows!)


We raise Belted Galloway beef.  Not only are they enjoyable to see in the pastures, but they are a very hardy breed that is resistant to the typical diseases confronting cattle these days.  We have practiced raising our herd on pasture, with mineral lick supplements only.  They are not vaccinated and we use sustainable means of controlling flies in the summer.  The beef is extremely lean, much like a cross between buffalo and beef.  Please email us for more details.



Upon researching different pig varieties grown in our area, we decided to raise a heritage breed pig that was once almost “extinct” from farms until their resurgence in the 1960’s.  At that time, groups of Red Wattle pigs were discovered in the wild and re-domesticated back into farm life; they are the only Texas heritage breed pig to date.  We purchased our first group of “fixed” male pigs, called barrows.  Because of their hearty squeals, large floppy ears, and comical pig-like personalities, they quickly became a favorite not just for us, but for the kids that visit as well. Just like the Belted Galloway breed, Red Wattles are very hardy and do not require any vaccinations OR worming treatments.  While they are grazers, we do feed them commercial swine feed when they don't have the bounty of leftover produce from our gardens.  As they grow bigger you can see them laying in the middle of their food and eating...just like a PIG!  They produce an extremely tasty, and very well marbled, product.  If you are interested in learning more about our pigs, send us an email and we will forward you the information on how you can own a part of or a whole pig for your family!


When can we order? 2-3 months before processing time or you want your meat.

Do we have to purchase both sides? No, our proteins are very popular. You only need to order one "Side".

What about Processing? We take care of the processing with a Mennonite Facility. You specify how you want it packaged.

How do we pickup the meat? All finished, packaged, meat is picked up at the Farm.

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What is the typical weight of a steer? We sell beef by the pound, on the hoof. A typical steer weighs 850-900 pounds when ready for harvest.

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